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2009 AFC Preview: Division Picks

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I am going to make this simple, the winner of the division is on top and the loser on the bottom.


I don’t know what or how I feel about Tom Brady. But what I know is I have to put my feelings aside for a player when choosing who I think will win. I chose the Patriots to win their division simply because the Dolphins and the Bills don’t have a chance and Mark Sanchez won’t take this team all the way!

Do I love Tom Brady? No. Do I think he is kind of a pussy? Yes. Do I want to Belichick to win? No. But they will!

Pathetic Raiders

The Chargers are an easy pick to win their division. The Chiefs and Raiders have no chance of doing much this season, and the Broncos are reeling from the loss of Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler.


I know the talk around sports tables every where is the Steelers will not only take their division, but repeat their Super Bowl win from last year, and making them the winners of two out of the last four Super Bowls. But, I am standing by my pick, the Ravens will win their division.

The Ravens defense is like a swarm of killer bees and Joe Flacco will step up to the plate. I know his four wide receivers (Mason, Clayton, Washington, and Williams) are mediocre and have some injury problems, but I know this is Flacco’s year and he will make plays happen.

Colts (go Manning, hmm hmm hmm, love him!)

The South Division causes me to base some of my picks on my emotions. I am a huge Peyton Manning fan and love the Colts. I think believe they can win and go all the way. Yes, I can’t bet against them. Texans and Jaguars are rebuilding and I couldn’t put the Titans in front of my Colts!

You can call some of my picks a hunch, and if I am wrong so be it. But I am sticking with them.

The Super Bowl will be… well, I am torn between the Packers or the Saints for the NFC and for the AFC the Colts or the Chargers. But I must choose, because football starts tonight, so here they are: the Colts over the Packers.

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    Sorry Heather…the Steelers will win the Central.

  • Heather Hogan

    After watching Roethlisberger last night you might be right! But with Polamalu out three to six weeks with a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee the defense becomes vulnerable! I have to stay true to my picks, I am still going with the Ravens!


    True re Polamalu, you can’t replace an athlete of that caliber; all Pittsburgh can do is hope someone comes close to filling the gap until he’s healthy again.