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2008 Philly Film Fest Preview

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Once again, I'll be covering the Philadelphia Film Fest for Blogcritics.  And, once again, I'm getting psyched in advance.   Here are some of the flicks I'll try to catch…

American Teen
I've been curious about this one ever since I heard the buzz it generated at Sundance.

Missed this at SXSW.  And, yes, the only reason I'm interested in this is because it's from the guys who did The Puffy Chair (which I also missed).  That and it has a guy with a bag on his head.

Confession of Pain
This one had me at "From the makers of Infernal Affairs…"

The Deal
William H. Macy co-wrote, produced and stars in this inside-Hollywood flick.  He'll also be there.

I don't know that my Gael Garcia Bernal man-crush translates into a desire to see him direct, but I'm still intrigued.

A documentary about, well, dust.  I love docs that try to take seemingly mundane things and turn them into something profound.

Electile Dysfunction
How can you miss a film with a title like that?

Eleven Minutes
Project Runway's Jay McCarroll attempts to start a clothing line.  Must notify PR-addicted wife.

The Forbidden Kingdom
I should be more psyched about the first on-screen pairing of Jet Li and Jackie Chan, but I've seen the trailer.  (On the other hand, the fight choreography is by Yuen Wo Ping, so I may have to endure some cheese just for that.)

Passion and Power: The Technology of Orgasm
Okay, I don't think I'll actually go, but just knowing there's a doc out there about the history of vibrators warms my heart.

The director's name is Shaky Gonzalez.  Sold.

The Pixar Story
I wanted to write this book.  Somebody's already made the movie, so I guess my work here is done.

Another Sundance doc.  Asks some questions I myself struggle with.

Son of Rambow
The movie for which I am most psyched.  Two kids remake First Blood.

Gonna have to fit an Asian gangster film in there somewhere.  Although I guess I already did with Confession of Pain.  Hmm.  Gonna have to fit two Asian gangster films in there somewhere.

The Sperm
See, there's these masturbating clones and…yeah, probably not worth explaining.

The Take
The last time I saw John Leguizamo in a thriller at PFF it was Cronicas, which was excellent.  (Leguizamo will be in the hizzy, btw.)

Taking a gamble that this will be better than Timecop.

Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam and Johnnie To all directing the same movie?  Where do I sign?

Young People Fucking
Again, how can you deny a title like that?

There will also be a mystery film (not "mystery" as in genre, "mystery" as in we don't know what the hell it will be) screening at the fest.  The only hint they'll give is that it was a "big hit" at Sundance.  My money's on The Wackness, but I'm hoping for Choke.

The Philadelphia Film Festival runs from April 3 – 15 in, um, some city.

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