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2007: A Year of Gaming In Review: In Ten Words Or Less – Part 1

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Sometimes, as a gamer, you just wish you could talk to the people in charge of producing the content you play and sit them down. You know, just to have a little conversation and praise them, voice concerns, or other such actions.

Since I can’t do that, I thought of the idea of writing all of these things down and compiling them at the end of the year as a way to reflect back on the year in gaming.

But I don’t have the liberty of being able to write everything I want to say out to all of these companies and/or people. It’d turn into some 540-part series that people would probably get tired of after the third one.

So that’s why I’ve decided to sum up all of my feelings towards each company/person in a measly ten words for each of them. Plus, it’s much more to the point and much easier on the ol’ eyes.

I’ve split the list up into two parts, so we’ll begin with the developers and publishers in the first part. The second half will tackle individuals in the gaming community that have had a major impact on gaming in the year 2007, or perhaps were notable figures.

And so, in 10 words or less, I present everything I want to say to developers and publishers this year:

EA: Test your games more thoroughly. Too many bugs in 2007.

Activision Blizzard: World of Starcraft – make it happen.

Sony: Stop acting arrogant. Also, get more third-party PS3 titles.

Nintendo: Stop acting arrogant. Also, get more third-party Wii titles.

Capcom: Don’t screw up Street Fighter IV. Also, remake Darkstalkers… please?

Rockstar: Manhunt 2 sucked. GTA4 can’t come soon enough.

Konami: You’ve pleased me this year. Keep up the good work.

Microsoft: Can you make something that works right the first time?

Eidos: The guys who wrote Kane & Lynch’s story? Lifetime contracts.

Atlus: Are there any two genres you can’t combine fantastically?

Sega: Do Sonic right, or don’t bother doing it ever again.

2K Games: Thumbs up for BioShock. The Darkness? Not so much.

Ubisoft: More games with Rabbids. I love those guys.







Hudson Soft: Bomberman Live and Kororinpa were both great. Welcome back, guys.

Namco Bandai: Beautiful Katamari and Ace Combat 6? A winner is you.

Naughty Dog: Uncharted is great, but short. Next game must be longer.

Polyphony: Stop making me want to buy a PS3 right now.

Sucker Punch: Same with you guys. I can’t afford it!

Valve: Three great games in one? Genius. Ninety-nine achievements? Much pain.

Natsume: Harvest Moon on the Moon? You’ve done everything else.

LucasArts: Put all your old point-and-click games on the Virtual Console.

Midway: A so-so year, but Cruis’n sure didn’t help at all.

Atari: I want my unconditional love of Jenga back. Seriously.

THQ: Drawn to Life redeemed you. Don’t blow the second chance.

Gamecock: Dementium is everything Manhunt 2 wishes it was.

RedOctane: I don’t think the guys at Harmonix miss you.

Harmonix: I think the guys at RedOctane miss you less.

Sierra: A stellar year from you that I wasn’t expecting. Congrats.

BioWare: Will we ever see a sequel to Jade Empire?

Infinity Ward: *bows down to the greatness of Call of Duty 4*

Retro Studios: Hopefully, you’ll eventually get to make something besides Metroid Prime.

Square Enix: Stop whoring out Final Fantasy. It’s good…but come on!

Koei: Keep making Dynasty Warriors-style games, no matter what anyone says.

Silicon Knights: Stop bitching and get Too Human out already!

Epic: Any chance Unreal Tournament 3 is 360 bound?

Independent developers: You guys rock. Keep up the great work.

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