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2005 Gubernatorial Races

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On November 8th, the citizens of both New Jersey and Virginia will go to the polls to pick a new Governor. (Neither incumbent, both of whom are Democrats, is running for re-election.)

Let’s look at Virginia first.

The GOP candidate is Jerry Kilgore. He is 44 years old, and was the state’s Attorney General until earlier this year.

The Dem candidate is Tim Kaine. He is 47 years old, and is the state’s current Lieutenant Governor.

Polls are showing Kilgore with support in the high-40s, while Kaine garners support in the low-40s.

This one looks like a GOP pick-up to me.

Now let’s take a peak at New Jersey.

The Dem candidate is Jon Corzine. He is 58 years old, and is currently a member of the US Senate.

The GOP candidate is Doug Forrester. He is 52 years old, and lost a Senate race against Frank Lautenberg back in 2002.

Polls are showing Corzine around 50%, while Forrester is in the high-30s.

Corzine is pretty much a shoo-in, in my opinion. A Democrat hold.

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  • billy

    you are probably right here. not to burst your bubble, but the GOP has to defend 24 of 36 seats next year, including Cal, NY, Mass, OH, and FL.

  • I would be amazed if the GOP kep the seat in ’06.

    Only if Jim Petro can separate himself from Tom Noe and win back the millions of dollars Noe stole from the state do the Grand Ols have a chance.

  • ^^ (Ohio) ^^

  • billy

    what about the boobengrabber in CA, mitt romney, gov ehrlich of maryland who is quitting, pataki whose quitting, and jebbie who is termed out?

    does ernie fletcher have to get re-elected next year after he pardoned a bunch of indicted criminals?

    i dont know the details of ohio, but I predict it is still leaning a gop save even with the scandal.

  • Our Governator has taken on Goliath with his challenges to the teachers union and the veto of two Sacramento shoot-downs of voter-passed initiatives (no gay marriage, no driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants).

    Time will show if he’s David or lunchmeat in that battle…

  • Pete

    Virginia isn’t a lost cause at all. Warner is super popular and will help Kaine. Kaine is an appealling candidate but the race just has not recieved much attention. Kilgore deosn’t have massive support. As long as Kaine holds up well in SW and carries the more populous areas he should be fine.

  • Two elections isn’t exactly a comprehensive overview.


  • Warner’s not running for re-election?

    He’s definitely running for President then. He’s someone to watch.

    RJ: call me crazy, but I think Joe Biden’s a real contender for the Dem nomination too. No one should underestimate his will or stature within the party.

    That is all.

  • JR

    Warner’s not running for re-election?

    He can’t. Virginia doesn’t allow governors with any experience in the job.

    The long term trend would seem to be turning Virginia into a blue state, unless NoVa secedes.

    The good news for Kaine is that I will probably still be in Virginia to vote against his opponent. The bad news for me is that I will probably still be in Virginia.

  • RJ

    “does ernie fletcher have to get re-elected next year after he pardoned a bunch of indicted criminals?”

    His term (as Governmor of Kentucky) is up in 2007.

  • RJ

    “Two elections isn’t exactly a comprehensive overview.”

    There are only 2 Gubernatorial elections in 2005…

  • Burn! RJ 1, Dave Nalle 0.

    Well played, RJ.

    That is all.

  • Wow, that’s a revelation to me. How can they have arranged their election schedules to work it out that way – bizarre.