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2005 Fall Line-Up Reviews: Take 1 – Prison Break

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2005 Fall Line-Up Reviews: Take 1 – Prison Break

Well it has begun, the new season; the new line-up is upon us. It began tonight at 8pm with Prison Break. I was curious to see what they could come up with to make a continuous storyline with our protagonist getting himself locked-up in jail to break his brother out. How long can they stretch that premise? Here goes.



Lincoln is sent to death row from a crime he insists he didn’t commit, which is killing the vice-president’s brother. His brother believes him and in him and it seems he’s got a blood debt towards Lincoln. So Michael, the other brother – who is a structural engineer that works for the firm that designed the jail – has created this elaborated setup to break his brother out, starting by getting himself locked-up for armed robbery, of a bank no less.


LINCOLN: He is played by Dominic Purcell, which I discovered in the ill fated and unjustly cancelled Fox show called “John Doe“. Lincoln seems to have a shady past, but nothing that would include murder. He has a son with a woman, whether they were married or had a fling has yet to be determined. He’s also had a relationship with Veronica.

MICHAEL: He is played by Wentworth Miller, the voice of the psychotic Tin-Man from this summer’s enjoyable blunder Stealth (Read my review here) He looks nerdy on his IMDB picture, but not in the show. He looks tough as nails and determined – with a plan like that he better be. He has the prison plans tattooed on him in a “trompe l’oeuil” type of design. That is some major ink.

VERONICA: She is played by GRRRRRRRobyn Tunney, who I’ve been lusting after since I first noticed her in “The Craft“. She seems to be a childhood friend of the trouble bound siblings and was Lincoln’s girlfriend at one time and their relationship was rocky at best. She’s also a lawyer. She defended, or tried to defend, Michael who pleaded no contest to his accusation of armed robbery.

There are other cool additions to the cast, like Peter Stomare who plays a gangster in jail seeking revenge for being pinned. If you don’t remember Peter, he’s our favourite drunk Russian cosmonaut in Armageddon. He is important to the break since Michael has info to help him nail the guy who fingered him and sent him to jail. Stacy Keach plays Warden Pope and no, they did not waste time to make some jokes with that name.

So what do I think? BOOYAAH!!!! That’s what. I so love this show. It has to be intelligent to work and it is. It has to have good characters and it does. It has to have a convoluted story line to stretch the premise into a series. And boy does it deliver. This is speculation on my part, but it seems to me that all this happens because of a plot to overthrow the US government by some secret society — the federal agents keeping an eye on Lincoln’s death sentence, have marked rings and pins with shields that only hinted at my speculation. Oh and when a bishop gets murdered in his bed, something bad is going on. It’s a staple of huge government cover-up stories. Then there’s the lovely pen doctor who happens to be the daughter of a governor with a bad reputation.

Plus it already has a whole plethora of side stories to work with, with blacks and whites fighting each other, allegiances, psycho child rapists, white supremacists, drug running and gangs. What I find odd is that, up here in Québec anyway, child rapists don’t live long once they get inside. But we will see how this goes.

I was elated and I just can’t wait to see where this goes. In the second episode, I briefly noticed Marti Noxon’s name on the screen – she of “Wheedonverse” fame, as writer and producer of some of the best Buffy and Angel episodes. So that can only be good. Also worth mentioning is the producer, Brett Ratner who directed After the Sunset, Red Dragon, Rush Hour and is directing X-Men 3.

If I had to rate it, I’d give it a 4 outta 5. Can’t wait until the next episode.

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