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2003 VMA Wrapup

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(Pictures were gratuitously ripped from MTV . COM )

I practiced last year with Jenna Jameson
I am a hooker!

If this is what MTV is resorting to to get people to watch their show, then it is a sad day. Although I was entertained by it, and it did draw attention away from that horrible song that Madonna was performing, is this how you want to be known? Also, why was Missy Elliott even there? In related news, there is no way a song as bad as Missy Elliott’s can win video of the year. It is horrible no matter how “cool” the video looks.

I thought all the performances were bad and/or forced last night. I thought Mary J. Blige, who did an incredible job a couple years ago with “No More Drama,” was less than impressive this year. She sounded ok, but I didn’t like the song. 50 Cent sounded sloppy as hell and the Snoop Dogg pimp thing didn’t work that well. Coldplay sounded good, but they didn’t do anything special. Metallica sounded forced with the medley of covers and then their own song sounded just ok. As they were celebrating and dropping confetti from the roof, I wanted to ask them to vaccum it back up and do a better job before celebrating.

As a final note, why was Justin Timberlake on camera all night long? Why did he need to react to everything going on onstage and why did they cut to it for us? Is he the Ed McMahon of the VMA’s? And why did he keep trying to pump us up about Duran Duran getting back together? I liked some of Duran Duran’s music back in the day, but I am probably one of the only ones left who still watches MTV who even remembers them. I guarantee a huge portion of Timberlake’s audience has no idea who they are. They tried so hard but couldn’t overvome the crowd’s growing apathy. It’s really funny, because the producers of MTV really should have read my post from the other day. “You can’t force moments…”

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  • Joe

    Thanks, Craig!

  • I saw a brief teaser cut on the news about Madonna locking lips with Britney. Got to give Madonna credit, I guess, for pulling a show stealer. Those didn’t look like quick pecks with either Aguilera or Spears. I give those smooches an A! 🙂

  • The Theory




  • Ok, did anyone read what I wrote? Or were you all too blinded by the haze of testosterone?

    Yeah me too. Testosterone.


    Quit talking, you’ll ruin it for me.


    I actually felt it move when I heard them mention it on the radio this morning.

  • The Theory

    RE: what you wrote…

    That Missy Elliott song was one of the few GOOD songs there. Incredible songs. Incredible. however, I still would have chosen Cash over Elliott.

  • I will admit that I am not completely down with hip-hop all the time, but there are definitely some songs I like. Missy Elliott doesn’t make any sense to me though. She doesn’t have any unbelievable backdrop beats or melodies in this song. She doesn’t enunciate or have an interesting delivery like Busta Rhymes or Eminem. In fact, the electronic effect on some of the words that makes the chorus intentionally unintelligible is really obnoxious.

    But there is no right or wrong in the realm of opinion. I just wanted you to know that I am not judging it just because it is a hip-hop song and I am traditionally a rock guy. This song in particular just doesn’t agree with me.


  • aaron

    I’m not a big rap fan, but I think “Work It” is pretty damn good. I for one am glad Cash didn’t win. It bugs me that the only reason he was on MTV in the first place is that he covered a NIN song. I’m sure most of the people in the audience there couldn’t name one other Cash song, and really, does he need MTV’s approval?

  • “is this how you want to be known?”

    Um, yes. Certainly not for kissing boys. Ewwww. 😉

    I have been stupefied by all the newscasts calling the event “shocking.” Shocking? Please. Grow up, people, it was kissing. BFD.

    To these eyes, the Brit-Madge kiss was hot. The Xtina-Esther liplock was decidedly less hot. In toto, though, it was just kissing; good for the girls. Hope they enjoyed it. And boo to MTV if exploiting the beauty and dignity of women loving women for the benefit of randy men (geez, Bricklayer!) was its aim. (Repeat after me: Real women don’t kiss women for the purpose of arousing men.)

    Why was Missy there? To sell a few million pairs of Gap jeans to those gullible folks who remember the Madonna-Missy ad. Oh, and because her “Work It” was up for, I think, eight Moon Men, including Video of the Year. She belonged there. And she was good, IMO; I love Missy’s flow, and I love “Work It.”

    No, the great Johnny Cash does not need MTV (that would be Tony Bennett) — MTV needs HIM. Shame he fell ill. (Get better, Johnny!!!) I am glad his NIN cover won him a statuette (yes, he should have beaten Missy) and good on Justin Timberlake for giving the Man in Black the respect he deserves.

    As for JT, he is THE music/pop-culture go-to guy and he is dating Cameron Diaz. MTV was giving him its slavish, ET/UsWeekly-inspired props. You expected something different? Whatever, Justin is cute. Why not a little guy-hottie eye candy? And JT is known for giving props to those who’ve gone before: Michael Jackson, the Stones, Johnny Cash. It’s Duran Duran’s turn. And don’t forget that D-squared was a huge part of MTV history. Having him giving them big-ups at the VMAs makes perfect sense.

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