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15 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is a great holiday. Dressing up as someone or something else and going trick or treating is what makes it so awesome. However, when the holiday starts closing in, people tend to get a bit overexcited when planning their costume. It is a pickle, as they say, since you have to come up with a cool and original idea, whether you are making a costume for yourself, or for your kid. If you find yourself at a loss for costume ideas this year, here are some suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Charlie Brown

We all remember this character from the popular Snoopy cartoon series. For this costume, you will need a yellow shirt, black shorts and a black piece of cloth. You cut the cloth in a zigzag fashion and simply sew it onto the shirt. It is recognizable, easy to make costume and you can use it both for yourself and for your kid. Here’s an image:

Charlie Brown halloween costume

Image credit: cafemom.com

2. Batman

Batman is a very popular character, and he has been for quite some time now. However, creating a good Batman costume can be a challenge. You can use a simple black hoody for the torso and anything black to cover your legs. You will need cardboard to do the ears, the face mask and the Batman symbol. For the cape, you can use old umbrellas – you are bound to have some.

3. A moose

No one will come dressed up like a moose – you can be sure of that. For this costume you need nothing special – just a brown hoody and a pair of brown gloves. You simply sew or glue the gloves to both the left and the right side of the hood and your good to go. Give yourself a nice name – “the Goosy Moos” or “the Moosy” or something like that, just to make the whole thing a bit more fun.

4. A mummy

This costume can never go bad – particularly if you do it well. You will need paper towels, and lots of them. The key is to make everything stick, so you will also need some duct tape. If you are making this costume for your kid, this will be enough. If you are making it for yourself, you should use some red colors to add a bit of gore to the whole thing.

5. Tetris

For this costume, you need boxes – lots and lots of boxes – and colors. Simply color the boxes and find a way to get inside them. This can be an excellent group costume. You can create shapes that are unique while they are separate, but that connect when the whole group is together. This is an excellent, unique and easy to make costume.

6. M&Ms

Everyone likes M&Ms. But, for this costume, you have to be in a group. Otherwise, it won’t work. So, you simply need T-shirts in all colors of the rainbow and you need cardboard to draw the M&M sign. Then, simply cut it and put on your shirts. If nothing else, this idea is sweet.

7. A bank robber

This is also a fun costume and it is easy to make. You need a wooly to create the balaclava and something black to wear – that’s it. If you have a small kid, you can dress him or her up to be the money bag. This will make the whole costume look even cooler and it will be even more fun.


Image credit:  costumecollection.com.au


8. The XO game

For many people, this game has been one of their favorite past-times when they went to school. For this costume, you simply need a large piece of white cardboard or, better yet, a whiteboard. Simply let it hang on your neck and go Trick or Treating. Do not forget to bring a magic marker, so that other people can play the game. This will certainly make you the life of the party.

9. The Simpsons

Now, this is a show that has been around for decades. We have all grown to love each and every character of the show. To dress up as them, you will need a lot of yellow body paint and plain clothes – just like the Simpsons. This costume would be great if there were five of you – a family costume, if you will – but you can also choose the character you like most and go solo.

10. A flower

If you like flowers, why not dress up as one? To pull this off, you will need something green to wear, you will need to paint your face in yellow and you can use either paper or cardboard to create the petals. Cut out as much as you like, glue them on a hair-band and put the band on your head. There you go – a nice summer flower that will go to collect candy.

11. A magician

This can be a cool and fun option, if you pull it off right. When making a magician costume, you have the freedom to decide what you will wear – it just needs to be flashy and out of the ordinary. You can get a cheap magician kit at the local toy store and with this you can be the entertainer of the holiday.

A Magician Halloween costume

Image credit:  costume-works.com

12. A rapper

The rap culture has become pretty popular in the past decade. In order to dress up as a good rapper, you simply need baggy clothes and lots of fake jewelry. If you have an old boom box – that will make the whole costume look totally ‘70s.

13. Your friend

This is a last minute solution. If you haven’t come up with a costume and you don’t have the time to organize a real costume, you can call a friend and the two of you can simply exchange clothes. However, make sure you do this only if you are going to a party where everyone knows both you and your friend. Otherwise, it will simply look stupid.

14. Superman

We mentioned Batman, so it would be a bit unfair to leave out Superman. But, creating the whole Superman outfit might be a bit tough. You can use Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego. He is a simple journalist with glasses. Just make sure that you get a Superman T-shirt to put on under your journalist costume. That way, you will be Superman, but when nothing bad is happening to Metropolis (or Lois Lane)!

15. Garden gnome

This can also be a fun costume. You just need some white wool for the beard, the gnome cap can be made out of cardboard and with this costume, you will fit in the Halloween garden party you are going to. If you want, you can simply stand still, let people come to you and then, frighten them with an unexpected “boo”!

Halloween costumes can be easy to make. You and your costume will have a blast!


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