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14,000 Texts a Month?

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Like many 17-year-old girls, I love my cell phone. I love texting people. It's easier to keep in touch and, if you get good at it, it's very easy to multi-task. I can text while studying, eating, listening to music, and talking to my twin sister – all at the same time.

Like most teens, I find texting easier. I hate paying phone tag. I like texting my mom in between classes when I don't have enough time to call because it's just passing periods. But there is, or should be, some sort of limit.

People thought it was bad when a 13-year-old Pennsylvanian girl sent 8,000 text messages in a month. Now, a teen has reportedly sent over 14,000 texts in just thirty days. To be exact, Greg Hardesty (father of Reina Hardesty) awoke one day to find his 440-page phone bill. His daughter had sent 14,528 text messages.

If you do the math, that's a text about every two minutes for a 16-hour day – or 484 texts a day. Think about that. You're not supposed to text during class (although, most teens do) and it's just rude to text during a movie. It's a good thing she doesn't have a license. This girl practically lived on her phone. Granted, there have been days when I sent maybe 50-60 a day, but never, ever did I come close to 14,528 a month. My sister never sends any. Teens send an average of 58 texts a day.

Since she had unlimited texts (thank goodness), her and four friends would sit and text even if they were right next to each other. At least at my school, when we text, we still talk to each other.

Said the girl, "It was winter break and I was bored." Go outside. Read a book. Volunteer with charity. Do some homework.

I live in the technology generation. I get that. I get that everything we do is now via electronics; but 14,528 texts a month is just ridiculous. My opinion of this girl wasn't far-fetched. This subject has been of great discussion at my school and most teens have asked, “Does this girl even have a life?”

We are turning out to be a very sad generation.

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  • Holy Toledo Batman! That’s a lot of written talkin’!

  • keep in mind, also, that a conversation is 2X the number sent
    each coming in counts as a TM as well

  • This weekend, a friend of mine told me that her daughter had run up (she claimed) 22,000 text messages in a month. The girl is ten.

  • This IS ridiculous. I thought my own daughter was the queen of texting. She was doing about 3,500 a month, and that was when I took the phone from her at night.

    We are getting a little too used to technology. You’re right. The girl should have been doing something. But even a half hour of quiet meditation would have been better.

    Or maybe she doesn’t know how to do that?

  • Yay, so one chick sent a ton of messages and you come out and insult our generalization. That makes so much sense, one chick represents everything

    Hmmm, I wonder if I could show the lack of logic in our generation simply by… wait, that is a personal attack, nevermind