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100 Years of the World Series – Eric Enders

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Baseball books can go on like an extra innings 2-2 game in the cold rain. You have to be an uber-fan to enjoy them. That’s why this book hits the highlights of the World Series and nothing else – the best and the worst, the smiles and the sorrows, the … . Well, the World Series’ 101st game will be this October – barring terrorist attacks.

Few write baseball books as well as Eric Enders, who, surprise, has made a living out of it.

America’s pasttime – hopefully as free of politics as it is of idiot hecklers. Haaaaang on.

Publisher’s Weekly review [short]

In 1903, the first World Series (originally called the “World’s Series”) ended five games to three–in a best-of-nine series–with a Boston Pilgrims win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. In this comprehensive retrospective, Enders (Ballparks: Then and Now; Play Ball! ) uses that series to begin his historical jog around the bases. He labels the first decade and a half of baseball “The Deadball Era” (1903-1919), a time when baseball experienced an expansion of teams and a change in philosophy…

From the Publishers

Relive the greatest moments of the World Series in this must-have book for baseball fans. It’s full of action-shot photographs, batters swinging ferociously and outfielders flying through the air to catch the ball. The concise text brings you into the game, showing you why the pastime is so deeply imbedded in American culture. Along the way you’ll meet the heroes who make the game worth watching.

PS I know its not available at Amazon. it’s a book published by Barnes and Noble. Sorry. Go here instead if you must have it now. Ssssssh.

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