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10 Reasons Why I Left Farmville

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And Fishville. And all of the “-villes”.

1. Let me start simply. Like any addictive game, Farmville has become such a waste of time. When I stopped to actually think of how much time I spend on this game, between actual gameplay and sending gifts to friends, it amounts to at least one hour per day. One hour that can be spent working out, napping, or practicing guitar. It is just insane for me to think that it should be normal to spend this amount of time on a GAME.

2. After months of convincing from my friends, I finally gave in and did what I swore I would never do and joined the world of Farmville. I was downright ashamed. But I will admit, I instantly saw the game’s appeal. At first, when the game starts you off at the lowest level, you advance at rapid speed. After one full harvest, you’re up a level. You think, “Wow, I could get far in this.” This is aside from the lovely fact that the game showers you with endless gifts and freebies while you are a newbie. You are awarded ribbons and coins for practically no reason at all. My initial motivations when playing were that I wanted to reach the highest level, have the largest and fanciest farm (Farmville allows for much customization – also appealing), and to strategically beat out all of my friends who have been playing for months! My plans were working quickly at first. When you reach level 20 though, it’s a slow ride from there. Which leads me to number 3.

3. Farmville is a waste of money. I don’t care what anyone says — EVERYONE who has reached a high level in Farmville has pulled out their credit card at some point. When you reach a slow point and there is hardly any action occurring like it used to, you trick yourself into paying money for Farm Cash. You buy yourself some shiny pretty new things. After all, most of the nice items in Farmville can only be purchased for a ridiculous amount of Farm Cash that can NEVER be obtained from gameplay alone. You see these amazing items every time you visit the market and after a while you get tired of simply seeing them there. Voila — you buy them.

4. I don’t know about any other game players out there, but I’ve watched some of my Farmville friends get really stirred up and angry over this GAME, this 3D world. I’ve read many a rant in status updates – “IM SICK AND TIRED OF SENDING PPL GIFTS AND THEM NOT SENDING THEM BACK AND PEOPLE NOT FERTILIZING MY CROPS RAAWWWR.” Are you kidding me? Way to regress from being “adults” to preschool kids again…

5. Competition in games is nice, but Farmville has gotten way too competitive for my liking. I find it sad that when I share a mystery egg, it will be gone in .2 seconds. I find it even sadder that there will always be that person to comment, “Dammit, it’s gone!!” It just kind of gives me the feeling that we’re living in famine, all scrambling to beat each other out. Of course, this is an exaggeration of the situation, but I wanted to explain the feel of the game.

6. Farmville puts out new collections too frequently, and doesn’t switch up their gifts often enough. What if I don’t want to send my friends a white chicken or a goose? Once in a blue moon when Farmville does put out a new gift, you have to go to farmville.com to send it. Why? What is the point in this? Frustration is the only one I see. Meanwhile, new collections are being spit out at the speed of light, and good luck actually “collecting.” Most collection items can only be bought for an insane amount of Farm Cash, leading back to my point number 3.

7. Farmville cannot be hacked. When a hack does come out, the game catches up within a very, very short time. To me, this is extremely boring. What is a game without a little old hackin’ here and there? It never hurt anybody. Some of the most epic games that I’ve played had cheats and hacks. To me, this just proves that Farmville is very non-epic.

8. Ironically, or maybe to make up for the lack of cheats, Farmville is infested with bugs. It will become super slow on you out of nowhere, sometimes even freezing your computer. Then there’s the good old “Farmville has been enhanced – please refresh your page” message right after you’ve clicked every single darn plot on your farm, clicked on every single tree to be harvested, and clicked on 60 kitties to be brushed. Which all took you 30 whole minutes. (refer to point 1) Need I say more about this point?

9. This is a minor point, but one that irked me nonetheless. Most items cannot be rotated. After finally buying a house, fancy decoration, or vehicle, you realize it can only face a certain way. Bummer.

10. Those Horse Stable and Horse Stable-like buildings where you are provided the skeleton and your friends must send you the rest of the 50 materials. Those are SO ANNOYING to build. Even if you deleted yours and you aren’t participating, it’s all you will see in your mini-feed all month long. “Please send me this and please send me that.” Unless you of course blocked all Farmville updates from your feed, in which case you wouldn’t be able to collect eggs, kitties, coins, or any other goodies needed to advance in the game.

These were my personal reasons for hating the game. I realize that many people out there love this game, and even love the things that bothered me about it. If you like spending your time playing this game, don’t mind the bugs, and you don’t mind paying real money to play, well then… enjoy. Don’t forget to send back gifts to each and every one of your friends that gifted you, or you might have to sleep with one eye open. You know it’s true.


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About Yellow Pixie

  • Yellow Pixie, you have truly captured the essence of the Farmville experience. I’ve considered writing about it, but didn’t know if there’s that much interest.

    I haven’t spent a cent on Farmville; I may be cheap, but I’m not spending real money to buy items that don’t actually exist. Regarding some of your other points:
    5. I am now on the fence with Farmville. I don’t play as much as I once did, and it’s because of the robots—the programs that beat the players to the goodies. I don’t object to the few cheats (your #7) that allow players to get extras from the game itself, but these add-on programs that cheat other players out of any chance of getting certain items are frustrating. If we don’t buy the hacker programs, there are some items we can never get. As you said, having things gone in .2 seconds is sad, and it drains the fun out of the game.
    8. Bugs. Need I say more? Although not quite as bad as another Zynga product, Roller Coaster Kingdom, Farmville is exasperating. Maybe that’s how they get more people to pull out the credit cards.
    9. Zynga must have a thing about rotation because it seems it’s not available on most games. And it’s stupid not to be. Only in a virtual world do all objects face in the same direction.

    As for Farmville.com, I suspect that’s in place for insurance. If Facebook (or other networks) becomes inhospitable, Zynga will move all of its operations to their own sites, and then charge a subscription fee. Just a suspicion.

    Enjoyed your article! –Bob E.

  • Yellow Pixie

    I’m glad you enjoyed my article, Bob E. You make some very good points. I didn’t buy any hacker programs for the game and I wouldn’t dream of it…


  • De

    Thanks for the great article. I have noticed, and read in one newspaper, we tend to spend more time on things that we think are free, but end up wasting lot of our time and money in terms of internet connection. As per your estimate, 1 hour worth of time is a decent amount of money. In a way, these websites are targeting our brains.

  • Well Said Yellow Pixie !
    Nice for sharing on FaceBook ;))

  • Maddy Pumilia

    I am quite obsessed with Farmville. Level 42, 11 masteries. I agree with a lot of your points (building the horse stable, technical difficulties), but some I disagree on:
    –Yes, it takes a lot of time to harvest, but if it keeps you happy/allows you to rewind, I don’t see the bad in it. Also, you can plant watermelon or other 4 day crops. If you do that, you don’t even need to farm every day.
    –What’s the problem with spending money? People spend hundreds on a new game system and then spend 50 dollars for each new game, so what’s the problem with spending 16 fc on a mystery box, when it reality it’s not even that much money compared to Wii games.


  • Yellow Pixie


    If a game keeps you happy and you don’t mind spending some money, that is absolutely great. I’m all for people having fun.

    I too, was a level 45 and I don’t even know how many masteries I completed, but it was well over 10. I saved pictures of my farm for the memories – I worked really hard to get that farm!

    What I will say is that during the end, I tried to focus on planting the slow growing crops. I found that the amount of time I spent on the application still didn’t drastically decrease. I found myself still logging in frequently to accept gifts and harvest trees and animals. Regarding the money matter, the difference between spending money on a Facebook application and a Wii game is that when you buy a Wii game for $100 dollars, everything is clearly cut out. You know you paid $100 dollars, you unlock all the features of the game, and you are equal to any other player. With Farmville, you pay $10 here and $10 there and obtain some items from a collection. I personally never felt satisfied because a new collection would come out the next day and all of a sudden, my recently purchased stuff had little value. I’ve noticed that most of the level 40+ farmers are working adults. I don’t think this is fair for high school kids or people who can’t afford it. Maybe Farmville should make a monthly subscription fee of 10$/month that allows you access to a certain amount of Farm Cash. Something like that would be more fair.



  • Jordan Richardson

    The problem clearly isn’t with the game but with your approach to it, though. You say yourself “I personally never felt satisfied…” and go on to note how your “recently purchased stuff had little value.”

    Isn’t that just how some of us choose to approach anything in life? We buy a new computer, for example, but aren’t personally satisfied with it when a newer, faster model comes out. And then of course adding some sort of “subscription fee” would be “fair” because it would enable us, we think, to feel more “satisfied” because our stuff wouldn’t have to be so outdated.

    Incidentally, buying a Wii game for $100 doesn’t make you “equal” to any other player in any tangible way.

    My wife plays FarmVille and PetVille and she’s never spent a dime on those games. She’s been playing for a while though and she’s pretty up there in levels. She’s been enjoying it on that level because she’s made a conscious choice to play FarmVille as a game for relaxation and mindless fun and not as a competition against the other players. I used to play but wound up downgrading my various Villes to simply playing Mafia Wars on occasion. Haven’t spend a dime on that either.

    So it is entirely possible not to spend money on FarmVille or the countless other internet games and to still enjoy the experience. It’s like playing free online poker at PokerStars. If you don’t care about the alleged “rush” of using real money, it’s still a hell of a good time just, you know, playing for the fun of it.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Oh, and of course anything can be a “waste” of time. But who says something is a waste? I was watching a news story about a guy who built enormous out of Lego and it took him years to do it. The newscasters went on and on about this guy and how he “needed a life,” but in my view it was the newscasters who needed a life because they didn’t see the joy and happiness this Lego construction gave this guy.

    It’s our own experiences and our own approaches that decide if something’s a waste of time, not the nature of the actual objects or activities.

  • Yellow Pixie


    This article is titled “Why I Left Farmville.” Not “Why Everyone on Earth Should Leave Farmville.” Yes, this is a personal opinion on Farmville, MY personal opinion. I’m naturally a very competitive person, and if I can’t get to the top of a game, it frustrates me. If you or your wife can play and not take part in the competitive side of the game, then that is lovely. As for my approach to the game, I didn’t have any specific approaches to it. I approached it just how anyone else would, and this article just points out what I’ve noticed during my time of playing. (Almost a year)


  • Yellow Pixie

    Oh and Jordan – having something like a subscription WOULD make players more equal in a tangible sort of way. People who buy $100 Wii games are equal in the sense that they all have access to the same things in the game, being everything in the game. We’re talking strictly in a gaming sense here; it makes players equal in GAMING. Not in any other aspect of life. Just saying.

  • Secret

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I admit a month back, I used to be so addicted to farmville. Then I realized that all m time was going away playing that game. And its true. The hacks dont work. And farmville IS slow. Thanx for this article by the way.

  • Dennis

    Your right, i just found out my mom spent over $1000 in a month on farmville, thats a serious problem and im pissed at her, havent even told her i know about it yet im too ashamed to confront her with it, if you know what i mean… The saddest part is that we are struggling 2 pay our rent which is $550 a month, and im working my ass off but dont see a dime i have no life….I live with my mom bcause my dad died 3 yrs ago and i felt sad 4 her and moved in, im 25 yrs old….Goddamn Farmville it is destroying my fucking life!!!! I just saw the credit card bills and $1000 were spent on fucking ZYNGA Farmville ! $1000 !!!!! $1000 THAT IS BIG MONEY TO ME, i make minimum wage and i could used that money on “REAL LIFE THINGS” I feel terrible ..

  • Sandy

    Hi, I read your article to see if I can use some of your excuses to quit my addiction to farmville. Actually I found them all pitty and wrong, sorry =) I’ll never think of spending REAL money in anything in the game, that sounds pretty absurd to begin with.
    I think it’s more fun to actually ENJOY it as it is. A compettition with a friend has never annoy me, since in real life we all compite from minor things, such as weight, fashion, job positions,etc, etc; but as long as nobody feelings get hurt, I’ll keep playing and enjoying a GAME.

  • eydie

    i am at level 30 and you’re right, things have slowed down to a crawl. i refuse to buy buildings like a library or a general store, simply because i’ve never seen those buildings on any farm i’ve ever seen. that’s more like a community, not a farm. i just play to relax and i like it, but i get impatient and i’ll buy a cottage (with the fake money) to raise my experience points. but there will never come a day i’ll spend actual money on it. if it gets that intense, i’ll quit. i have a neighbor who is at level 70, as high as one can go and i think “yeah, but how long has she been playing and what did she do to get there?” i am happy (mostly)just playing and if i happen to level up, that’s a bonus.

  • Nikhil

    Totally true!!
    I left this game for just 65 days to stop playing it and there was not even a single day when i stopped thinking about, how my friends would have exceeded and how i would beat them….
    I used to play this game for about the whole day long!
    I woke up at 10 am and played it till about 12 at the night (VACATIONS), I could not just stop… I needed to beat my friends….And one day, my best friend hacked my faceboook account and destroyed my farm….
    Everything was gone… my farm was just a farm with a blanket of snow!!!
    He wrecked it and i was very angry but still I’m thankful to him for doing this….
    I’m finally out of this game!!!
    My godd!!! Thank you dude!! Thanks a LOT!!!

  • Mike

    Thanks for your article. I have already quit and happened to come across this. I went to a funeral the other day and thought, do I want to be remembered for harvesting thousands crops and wasting huge amounts of my time for what????? I was trading my life, no, I was giving my time away to be wasted. Literally thrown away, never to be seen again. I need to be investing my time in my family and things that are ETERNAL, not crops that can wilt in a couple of hours.
    Let’s wake up people!! Thanks so much for sharing your feelings.

  • Frances Y

    I really enjoyed your article, it gave me a chuckle as I am a daily farmer and a great neighbor. I have great neighbors with no issues of competition! They span the globe and are all into helping each other. I’ve seen so many great comments that each has left for others, it always puts a smile on my face!
    I agree that some must have spent money looking at their farms, but I play the game for relaxation and seeing my neighbors level up! It does take time to play, but you can always play at your own pace and I have neighbors whom play voraciously and others whom simply play along. I do not play to beat anyone, I play along with the others, as I believe the majority of players do.
    Maybe, the intent of playing social networking games is to enjoy each other in play.
    Thanks for hearing my view!
    Won’t you be my neighbor?

  • DanR.

    I quit playing because it is to slow and bogs down my computer. I have a 512 mb video card, over 4k of ram and it reeks havoc on my machine that is only 5 months old.

    I also do not like the idea having to pay real money for the good stuff. It was like with Fluff friends and some other ‘games’ you want good stuff you need real money. No thanks.

  • Jay Adams

    Point 9 is very very true!

  • Jen

    Games such as Farmville cause people to not live in reality anymore.Precious time is wasted on the internet in general.It’s a way for people to not face issues in their lives,to hide from real connection to others.Instead of playing farmville,people can re-connect with life by doing what people did before the internet and TV ..which was they HAD A LIFE.

  • Jenna

    I stopped playing Farmville about a year ago.I don’t miss it since I have a REAL horese to care for and no time for a fake cyber one I can’t ride or have any feeling for.I think of all the people playing Farmville and spending money on it are crazy.Everyday should be spent on something practical and meaningful not Farmville!

  • Erica Asahan

    Im on level 653 as of today! I love FARMVILLE@

  • Falenone

    About hacking. Farmville can be hacked VERY VERY easily. Just Google farmville2trainerdownloadfree
    or Google “Farmville cheats. It’s a Flash game and it’s memory can be modified.

  • Zelda Jones

    I can relate to every single point you have written here. I personally have never gotten into the mind frame of point 4; however, I did have a farmville friend who would post things similar to that. He actually threw a real hissy fit because he thought that people weren’t sending him back enough gifts. He actually blocked a whole bunch of us for responding truthfully to his immature tantrums! I have decided as of today to no longer play farmville, as I have acquired so many farms with so much stuff that has to be done on them, that I actually fall asleep at my computer most days due to the sheer volume of virtual things to be done! Crazy, I know. I would even hazard a guess and say that farmville has contributed to my lack of physical fitness and diabetes. So to all of you out there who are finding it hard to quit farmville because it has taken over your lives: consider all of the much healthier and real things you could be doing instead of sitting at your computer doing virtual tasks!